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Watch Monster (2023) Online

  • 8.146/10
  • RUNTIME: 2h 5m
  • COUNTRIES: Japan
  • Subtitles: 日本語

When her young son Minato starts to behave strangely, his mother feels that there is something wrong. Discovering that a teacher is responsible, she storms into the school demanding to know what's going on. But as the story unfolds through the eyes of mother, teacher, and child, the truth gradually emerges. Read More

Watch Monster online. Featuring Soya Kurokawa and Hinata Hiiragi, Monster is classified as Drama and Thriller genre movie with an average rating across the web of 8.146. It is available for streaming online in the UK The movie was filmed in Japan and was released on 2023. Monster was directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda,Taichi Itô,Shôichi Morimoto. Read Less