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Watch Julieta (2016) Online

  • 7/10
  • RUNTIME: 1h 36m
  • COUNTRIES: Spain
  • Subtitles: Español

The film spans 30 years in Julieta’s life from a nostalgic 1985 where everything seems hopeful, to 2015 where her life appears to be beyond repair and she is on the verge of madness. Read More

Watch Julieta online. Featuring Emma Suárez and Adriana Ugarte, Julieta is classified as Drama and Romance genre movie with an average rating across the web of 7. It is available for streaming online in the UK on 9 services such as Apple iTunes and Chili. The movie was filmed in Spain and was released on 2016. Julieta was directed by Pedro Almodóvar. Read Less