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  • 7.2/10
  • RUNTIME: 1h 33m
  • COUNTRIES: Italy,Spain
  • Subtitles: Italiano

A coffin-dragging gunslinger and a half-breed prostitute become embroiled in a bitter feud between a merciless masked clan and a band of Mexican revolutionaries. Read More

Watch Django online. Featuring Franco Nero and José Bódalo, Django is classified as Action and Western genre movie with an average rating across the web of 7.2. It is available for streaming online in the UK on 7 services such as Apple iTunes and Chili. The movie was filmed in Italy and was released on 1966. Django was directed by Ruggero Deodato,Sergio Corbucci,Fernando Di Leo,Enzo Barboni,Piero Vivarelli. Read Less